32% 32%

of adults living in

low-income housing

are food insecure

31% 31%

of high-school students

who reported using

alcohol got it from

their home or

a friend’s home

20% 20%

of children

live in poverty

49% 49%

of Redwood City School

District households

spend a third of their

income on housing

29% 29%

of elementary school

student worry about

getting beat up

44% 44%


25% 25%


19% 19%

Youth with asthma

15% 15%

Children ages 2-11

drink at least one

soda a day

56% 56%

Children ages 12-17

drink at least one

soda a day

8.4% 8.4%


rate in Redwood City

17% 17%

unemployment rate

in North Fair Oaks

61% 61%

of residents in
North Fair Oaks
have less than a
Bachelor’s Degree

54% 54%

of students in the Redwood City School District are eligible for Free and Reduced Price School Meals

28% 28%

of children under age 18 live in crowded households in Redwood City


All statistics are taken from the Redwood City 2020 Redwood City and North Fair Oaks 2014 Environmental Scan external-link , Kidsdata.org, and Get Healthy San Mateo County.