A Partnership with Many Roles

While no single organization can address complex community issues, we believe that by working together we can affect the positive change needed in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks. In the 1990’s, as the new millennium approached, the collaborative began when the leaders in our community decided to tackle those complex issues differently with a unique vision of partnership and collaboration across sectors. Ever since, the model has been streamlined and strengthened – collaboration is the natural keystone of all our work now. Here’s a look at how our unique community collaborative fits together and the partners who have joined forces to improve the health and success of Redwood City and North Fair Oaks.

Redwood City 2020 Collaborative Roles:

  • Facilitate collaboration & partnership
  • Incubate projects
  • Spark innovation
  • Leverage resources and fund programs
  • Research & evaluate our work
  • Provide professional development

Our Core Partners’     Roles:

  • Provide representatives that serve on our governing boards (Leadership Council and Executive Team)
  • Provide vision and direction to help shape our work
  • Provide funding
  • All other relevant Affiliate Partner roles

Our Affiliate Partners’ Roles:

  • Provide direct services
  • Develop resources
  • Collect and share data
  • Collaborate and contribute

Our Friends of Redwood City 2020 Roles:

  • Provide financial contributions
  • Provide in-kind services or goods
  • Offer volunteer time
  • Provide technical assistance

Redwood City 2020 Staff

David Cattivera

David Cattivera

Interim Executive Director

David Cattivera’s knowledge and expertise in nonprofit leadership is rooted in nearly two decades of work in the social sector, including work in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks. As…

John Crowell

John Crowell

Program Manager

John Crowell brings robust leadership and project management experience to his role of Program Manager for Redwood City 2020.  Before joining Redwood City 2020, John had a long and successful…

Shannon Chiu

Shannon Chiu

Shinnyo Community Impact Fellow

Shannon is the 2019-2020 Shinnyo Community Impact Fellow at Redwood City 2020. Shannon is originally from Sunnyvale, California and is passionate about addressing social inequity in the Bay Area. She…

Matthew Reeves

Matthew Reeves

Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Matthew Reeves is excited to be working as a Safe Routes to School Coordinator for Redwood City 2020 and the Redwood City School District. He brings to Redwood City 2020…

Nicole Prieto Macias

Nicole Prieto Macias

Communications & Operations Specialist

Having grown up in Redwood City, Nicole is excited to be giving back to her community through her work in Redwood City 2020. Nicole graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree…

Redwood City 2020 Core Partners

Redwood City 2020 Affiliate Partners

Health, Wellness, & Safety

  • Caroline Bauhaus
  • Chris Beth
  • Pat Brown
  • Children’s Cardiology of the Bay Area
  • Teri Chin
  • Susan Clark
  • Carrie Du Bois
  • Friends for Youth
  • Beth and Gary Goddard
  • Yael Goshen
  • Lauri Karzen
  • Deanna La Croix
  • Sarah La Torra
  • Alisa MacAvoy
  • Jamillah Moore
  • Hilary Paulson
  • Recology San Mateo County
  • Alan Sarver
  • Jerry Shefren
  • S.M. Vonderlinden
  • Stacey Wagner
  • Timothy Wong