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More than 66 percent of Redwood City’s children rely on free and reduce-priced meal programs at school as their only source of healthy food. At a time when our median income is dropping, housing costs and poverty levels continue to rise. As more people find it more difficult to feed their families we are working on:

  • Increasing access to food resources
  • Expanding the number of healthy neighborhood stores
  • Strengthening food-relevant data
  • Supporting local garden-based food movements

Current and Future Activities

Citywide food resource campaigns

  • LIBRE and Redwood City 2020 are working to educate the public and debunk stigmas associated with food assistance programs including CalFresh.
  • Redwood City 2020 is mapping existing resources; promoting, a site that quickly connects people with nearby community resources; and researching best practices of other citywide food resource campaigns.

Corner store conversions

  • Redwood City 2020 is developing a network of healthy corner stores and creating a certification process for other stores to incorporate fresh produce into their inventories.

Food data

  • Redwood City 2020 will be helping to build partnerships between the Human Services Agency and school districts to share and use existing data to help identify families that may qualify for CalFresh.

Local food movements

  • The Department of Parks and Recreation is planting fruit trees in public parks. Click here for a blog documenting and sharing this movement!
  • Redwood City 2020 will explore how donations of surplus produce can be donated to non-profit organizations; how to promote school gardens and garden-based education; and will gather best practices for advancing local food movements.

Quick Facts about Healthy, Affordable Food

  • Food assistance helps provide food for families.
  • Adequate nutrition is critical to academic achievement.
  • Food assistance and Medi-Cal have no impact on adjusting immigration status in the future, but many immigrant families are afraid to apply.


  • The Healthy, Affordable Food Initiative started in 2011.
  • Four healthy corner store makeovers have been successfully implemented in North Fair Oaks.
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