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Elisa Chavez
Redwood City Together is pleased to welcome Elisa Guizar Chavez into the team as the our Collective Impact Coordinator. She brings in her past experiences working in the community and her eagerness to help youth succeed in their goals.
Elisa Guizar Chavez graduated from UC Riverside this past June where she received a degree in Economics. She is passionate about empowering the youth to create change in their communities. Throughout her high school and college career, Elisa dedicated her time to community service. She has participated in the planning of the OYE (Orgullo Y Educacion) Youth Conference where she was also the Master of Ceremonies. In 2016, where she was named the Youth of the Year for the Redwood City Boys & Girls Club. She helped promote the importance of higher education with the Latino Union club at UCR. Elisa’s enthusiasm in helping create change in the community, energy, and eagerness to learn will help her succeed in her role.
Elisa is excited to be a part of Redwood City Together and looks forward to creating collaborative spaces to catalyze systems change.


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